Happy New Year world!

I’m writing my very first blog from bed. Not where I had originally thought to enter the world of blogging, but nonetheless I think it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. Dave (hubby) has taken the girls (Holly and Freya, 4 and 3) out in order for me to get some rest and what better way to re-charge the batteries than to be lying in bed at 3pm exploring my new iPad. I do however seem to be clinging on to this cold/flu that going around and as Dave is back to work tomorrow after the Christmas break, I don’t feel in the least bit guilty; as tomorrow it will be back to bedlam and not something I am particularly looking forward to with sore ears and throat.

Other than writing a blog, 2013’s resolutions also include; no drink for 2 months; to (finally) complete the first module of my interior design course; spend more quality time with Dave; organise the house; make sure there is always food in fridge and cupboards; stop shouting at kids; plan some more me time; exercise dogs more and figure out how to time travel in order to achieve the above. I also need to figure out to arrow about with iPad, as very frustrating when you spot a typo in the copy but don’t know how to edit.

i’m looking forward to this journey, regardless who joins me for the ride, it’s sure to be an interesting one. Did I mention the need to get fit too…..


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