Back to Bedlam

The girls get busy re-organising their room

The girls get busy re-organising their room

Yesterday was a disaster and I can only now bring myself to talk about it, having spent the evening on the sofa in an exhausted stupour. Actually, I lost a couple of hours on pinterest but it had the same restorative effect.

The day began at 4.00am with screaming kids who proceeded to sing and play at full volume. The dogs (rudely awakened by the screaming kids in the room above them and whose body clocks switched on early) left a parcel for Dave behind the, inward opening, utility room door. Needless to say it was then smeared across the wooden floor and under the actual door – yuck!

He practically ran out of the door to get back to work.

The kids declared that they liked being boring and did not want to go outside, despite my threats to throw them out into the garden and lock the door behind them. I wrongly assumed that making fairy cakes would entertain them whilst also killing time. Cue screaming over who was adding what, who wasn’t sharing what and an even more frazzled mum.

The calvary arrived in the form of a friend and her son. Another design enthusiast, we managed to briefly grab conversations on what she thought of the All White paint by Farrow and Ball that I’m in the process of painting some of the kitchen and the Hague Blue I hope to paint a fab wooden bookcase I found in a junk yard for £150.To be honest it was hard for her to comment given that some of the kitchen walls had had one coat whilst others three and the bookcase currently has a patchwork of ‘sample’ colours that if I’m not careful will soon meet and then the job will be done without me actually deciding on a colour.

Unfortnately, the kids must have realised I was having a ‘me’ conversation and took it upon themselves to trash, and I mean in a rock and roll sort of manner, TRASH, their room. Cue more shouting from me. That’s at least one New Year’s resolution broken already – I wonder how long the rest will last?

Tomorrow’s another day, right?


One thought on “Back to Bedlam

  1. Claire Ross

    Oh dear, Ive never in my 9 and a half years seen a bed room quite as bad as this. do you need a lend of our dog cage ha! Loving the blog x


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