How much difference can 6″ really make?

I love my bed. I truly do, not just because its comfy, but because its unique too.

Like much of the furniture in our house, which has either been upcycled, recyled, saved from heading to scrap or simply pre-loved, it has a history. Not that I’m exactly aware of what that history is. All I know is that it is over 100years old, and according to the lovely man from Seventh Heaven Antique Beds who delivered it (now Divine Dreams) it would have been taken over to India/Africa during the Colonial years and was repatriated via Morroco and given a new lease of life at their lovely workshop.

The only problem I can see with our bed is that it is simply not big enough. No matter what positions we adopt four people can not fit comfortably into a standard double. I’m not sure how long these nocturnal population explosions will last. It’s like adding water to a gremlin; you go to bed just the two of you then ‘pop’ there’s another and then ‘pop’ another appears. Thankfully we don’t feed them after midnight (although with recent behaviour I’m not entirely sure they aren’t raiding the fridge themselves).

Which leads me to my original question, how much difference can 6″ really make? After flicking through Livingetc and some internet research I land on the website; its Valentin bed is good substitute for the ‘Thurman’ by Meridiani I had originally liked the look of, but was somewhat over our budget at $12,000! According to the a kingsize mattress width is 150cm whilst a standard double is 135cm. Would 15cm really cut the mustard in the wee hours when the bed is a mass of limbs and elbows in faces, knees in backs?

The super king at 200cm seems a tad overkill, not only because it may look slight out of scale in what would then become the BEDroom, but Dave and I would need a compass and headtorch to find one another.

Nonetheless, fabric samples have been duly ordered, to add to the mountain of other fabric and wallpaper samples, which will be a great source of reference for my course if nothing else.

One thought on “How much difference can 6″ really make?

  1. Claire MacLeod

    As a convert to king size i can certainly assure you that 6″ makes all the difference. I feel i should admit i only have one baba (16 months) and a cat but if we ever end up in a double nowadays, even just the two of us, (rare) then we still struggle! Worth every inch and penny in my opinion!


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