Ground Hog Day


It would appear we are stuck in a time warp. We wake every night at (precisely) 4.00am to find at least one of our offspring in our bed (clinging to us like a limpet to a rock) and when D goes downstairs at 6.00am he finds at least one parcel behind the door. This morning it was two: parcels not children.

We knew it was going to be a messy night when at 9.30pm both girls were still pinging about, running up and down the hall despite the shouting, bargaining and threats from us. The stop shouting New Year’s resolution has been totally annihilated. If you are wondering why we don’t just leave them to it, check out my previous post, Back to Bedlam. They have the ace card up their sleeve and they ain’t afraid to use it. They know it. We know it. They know we know it. We know they know we know it.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with the dogs. Maybe its a conspiracy. We’re hoping someone will jump out at us with a camera soon and tell us its all been a setup.

In an attempt to stick to at least some of the other resolutions I have taken to eating liquor chocolates. I’m not sure if this is breaking the no drinking one; or merely sticking my tongue out and blowing it an almighty raspberry. I suppose it depends on how many you eat. The Hotel Chocolat Kirsch soaked cherries have some kick to them and even after just a few I get a warm fuzzy feeling that you probably shouldn’t pre-lunchtime.

On a positive note, my experimental painting of the bottom half of the kitchen is, I think, a success. The north facing kitchen/dining area now looks much brighter whilst the family area feels snug. I will post a picture when totally finished. I’ll not go into detail on how I manage to wreck my best skinnies in the process.

A massive fan of darker paint shades (the roof in our downstairs loo is Brinjal by F&B) and a believer of ‘no it won’t make the room feel smaller’ I  am turning my back on the current trend coming through for darker, bold interiors and have been totally obsessed by light since last summer. 

I spent much of last year dodging dog poo in the garden whilst trying to chase the sun with strategically placed mirrors in order to bounce light back into the kitchen. Very effective but time consuming. I even got a sun pipe fitted to ‘flood’ a dark corner with natural daylight. Unfortnately, the winter sun doesn’t get high enough to make a huge impact, but I imagine with all this effort by summer we will need to wear shades inside. 


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