Planetary alignment

I’ve often been thankful that we live in the country. Not just because there are no neighbours to hear the amount of noise that emits from our house, but also because we seem to spend an incredible amount of time streaking about it in minimal (if any) clothing. Last night was no exception.

During our futile attempt to get back to sleep at 1.00am (F had been crying) a weird noise started. Like dripping tap torture it would go off everytime you were just at the point of nodding off. After a brief volley of nocturnal tourettes we both got up and set about frantically searching for the source; which could only be coming from a toy. The question was where.

After ransacking the kids room I escaped with a train convinced it was the culprit, whilst D streaked downstairs in his boxers to the play room. We met at the top of the stairs shortly after; the noise getting more frequent and unsurprisingly more annoying. Like madmen possessed and desperate to find the noise before it woke the kids, I dived for the basket of toys in the bathroom and D took to the cupboard.

Lurking on a top shelf was an old toy mat that makes noises when the kids walk up and down it. Somehow it had switched itself on. D muttered something about the planets being aligned and we trotted back to bed.

The day hadn’t started any better; with H running into our room screaming at early o’clock. Being woken abruptly, it took us a while to figure out what she was saying. Turns out it was ‘she’s peeing, she’s peeing!’ thinking she’d been having a bad dream we scooped her into our bed and told her to go back to sleep.  Within seconds F appears demanding us to ‘wipe up her pee NOW!’ Erm excuse me, but being hit over the head with a club would be a more civilsed way to start the day.

Going by the wet patch, it’s no wonder H was hysterical; I think I would be too if I woke to see my younger sibling relieving herself six inches from my nose. When asked why she did it her reply was ‘because I did’ – you can’t really argue with a three year old’s logic.

There’s a proverb I’ve put on the blackboard to inspire me to study and to hang on in there when it seems there’s a complicated conspiracy at work. It says ‘Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about’.

So, for what its worth, here’s my design nugget for the day. This year blue is going to be a big colour. From powder blue to cobalt, inky and peacock tones. Use coloured glass bottles, vases and cushions to add a splash of colour or paint entire walls to create drama and impact. Ikat patterns and dip dye fabrics can be used to create a fresh moroccan feel whilst darker tones can be used to great effect when teamed with gold, which is also making a splash this year.

BTW, when quizzed on what planetary alignment was, D said it was something that happened every squillion years and made weird sh*t happen. Spoken like a true engineer.


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