Who are you….

….and what have you done with my kids/dogs/life?

I’ve woken up in a parallel universe. I like it here. I’m not going back. I don’t want to jinx it, or throw the proverbial spanner in the works, but these last few days have been borderline ‘normal’. Albeit, two of them were childfree.

The scores on doors are; dog related parcels = none; children in our bed = none; full nights sleep = four.

With a sense of calm restored I’ve even manage to study, cue audience gasps and round of applause. Yes, I managed to lose an entire day on Pinterest and created two mood boards, which had I done using magazines images would have taken days and created a snowstorm of cuttings. Not that we need that inside, we have enough of the white stuff outside thankyou very much.

Since having kids I’m not afraid to admit I have gone a bit bonkers, particularly in the ‘what if’ category. For example, when I was pregnant, having watched a documentary, I was totally obsessed with ‘what if it has a missing chromosome and smells of fish?’

Living on a twisty road with, what I consider to be, a sheer drop down to the river, I constantly wonder ‘what if the car goes off the road and into the river, how will I get out’ or ‘what if the electric windows stop working in the water’. The result being yesterday in a blind snow storm I drove with the windows down at that particular stretch. They do say there is a fine line between madness and genius.

Finally, we have finished painting the kitchen, which looks much brighter and we’re pretty chuffed with it. Leaning towards the ‘vintage industrial’ look – folk of a certain generation (my parents) would probably categorise it under ‘junk’ I have ordered four vintage pel tubular metal stacking chairs circu 1950’s to replace the country style solid oak dining chairs from Peppermill Antiques. Can’t wait, weather permitted they should arrive tomorrow. Although I do wonder when I will have a ‘grown-up’ house with matching co-ordinated furniture.




4 thoughts on “Who are you….

  1. Kenna

    I remember the “smells like fish conversation” LOL!! Brilliant! Love the blog, and totally inspired by your boards on interior design on Pinterest, which you were closer so I could hire you for our reno!


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