Do as I say, not as I do..

I’m back. My trip to a surreal nirvana, where a broken night’s sleep isn’t just a wild rumour spread by the child free, didn’t last long. Sleep’s so last century anyway I find.

No, a 2.00am game of musical beds and the horizontal hokey cokey (its cross between the original and ‘ten in the bed’; you put your left leg out, in out, in out, and carry on in that vein till you’ve been entirely pushed out of the bed by your offspring) is a much more ‘on the edge’ way to live. Pre-kids we enjoyed adrenalin sports; now holding it together over breakfast while they ping wheatabix back and fore at one another take nerves of steel. Not something I always posess it has to be said, but hey, it’s a marathon not a sprint, right?

We often find ourselves inwardly cringing, or supressing giggles, at our (or each others’) attempts to ‘deal’ with situations as they arise. We are particulary guilty of roaring at the top of our voices to ‘stop shouting!’. Then having to add ‘just do as I say’, when it’s pointed out to you, ‘but you’re shouting too’.

My threat this weekend certainly raised a bemused eybrow from D when in desperation I told the girls that one of them would have to find somewhere else to live if they didn’t stop fighting with each another. To my dismay they rattled of the list of people they were keen to de-camp to and, had I let them, would have had their trunkies packed in an instant.

It also occured to me that in other areas of life ‘do as I say not as I do’ would be most definately applicable. For instance in my interior design course, and certainly from being an account manager and graphic designer before that, I know there is a very definate ‘design process’ that has to be gone through to get to the finished design/product. You take the brief to find out about your client’s likes and dislikes, discuss budget, present ideas etc etc.

My approach to my own house is, how shall I say it, a little more sporadic. I get an idea in my head or see something, that I absolutely have to have and won’t stop until I get it. Currently, I have a desire to add something bright yellow. Don’t ask me why, what or where, I’ll just know when I see it. Until then I’ll wonder around the house as if as in a trance trying to figure out just that. My vacant ‘episodes’ are legendary and apparently quite scary if you haven’t experienced them before. For all intense purposes it probably won’t exist and I will be forced to spray paint a chair or piece of furniture to satisfy the craving. I’m kinda hoping a cushion catches my eye, which would be a lot less troublesome.

Likewise, I’ll have no intention of buying anything, then something, will catch my eye and wham, before you know it the room will be taken in a completely different direction.

I often cringe when people come to the house as its in a constant state of evolution. They must wonder how I could ever think I could have a career in interior design. By default my taste is eclectic. There’s just too many beautiful styles and things out there, that I’d either have to have a mansion or  a design overhaul every six months. Both of which would be a tad expensive to upkeep.

For me it’s like an outfit, adding a new cushion has the same effect as changing a pair of shoes. I simply wouldn’t be able to survive without constantly re-inventing it. When I finish this process and am qualified to tell people how to design their homes I will still say ‘do as I say, not as I do’ but it will be with much more conviction.


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