My life is bedlam, I don’t why, or how it happens, it just is and does. From tantruming toddlers to incontinent mutts I seem to spend much of my time wiping up the wee and poo of the aforementioned. I used to be someone. I had a career, which started in graphic design before migrating to marketing, PR and advertising. I was creative, imaginative, professional and adventurious. I believed the only person who stood between you and your goals was yourself. Then I had kids; now getting out of the door is a major challenge and if it’s on time is marked as a huge achievement.

I’ve had a lifelong desire to be an interior designer. Being put on the wrong course at college almost 20years ago led me on a different path and due to one thing or another I didn’t change it. Last year I had an epiphany; I didn’t want to get to my deathbed (hopefully many years from now) regretting the things I didn’t do. I quit my part time PR job in a successful communications agency and signed up for the KLC School of Design’s distance learning course.

This blog is about my journey to my dream, the daily curveballs that get in the way and hopefully some insightful design ideas and observations.


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